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Toby, age 12, enjoying an August early morning on the beach at Cape Cod. Toby has been an acupuncture patient of Dr. Gabriel to treat a leg / patella problem since spring 2015. The difference has been amazing and he looks forward to his 2x month sessions!
Date of Posting: 17 October 2016
Posted By: Eileen Lewis
Our aging boxer, Angelina, was diagnosed with Cushing's disease and a thyroid problem. After trying unsuccessfully to medicate her we went to Dr Gabriel for acupuncture (on the advice from our regular vet). She responded well to the treatments and actually looked forward to going in to see the doc when we brought her to the facility for the appointments. She was eating well and gained some sorely needed weight back. We were given an additional six months with our girl which we will always treasure. It is great to know there are alternatives methods for treating our pets and in Dr Gabriel you have an incredibly warm and loving doctor to guide you along the way. Thank you doctor for your care and support.
Date of Posting: 31 May 2016
Posted By: Karen Nardo
Neshanic Station, New Jersey
When our Chihuahua "Cya" AKA: "The lil' Bop" suddenly was having trouble walking without falling we were so worried. After 5 weeks of treatment from Dr.Gabriel including acupuncture and herbs our Cya is herself again! She can walk and even go up and down stairs! We are so grateful for the patience and integrative medical knowledge of Dr. Gabriel. Lil'Bop sure is thankful too!
Date of Posting: 03 March 2016
Posted By: Christina Drugatz
Toby is our 11 yr old Lab who has arthritis and was suffering from a luxating patella, a kneecap which would not stay in proper place on his right rear knee. As this was greatly limiting his movement his activity was getting limited and his weight was increasing. I searched for pet acupuncture therapy, having found it to be very therapeutic with a former Lab some years back. We began our sessions with Dr Gabriel last March in addition to hydrotherapy and cold laser treatment at the Animal Therapy Center. Dr. Diane immediately bonded with Toby and put him at ease (he is very skittish and shy). The acupuncture sessions greatly eased his arthritic pain, and coupled with the pool therapy have taken him from an old looking, heavy dog to one with much less pain, more ease of movement and increased activity, a kneecap which has stayed in place for about 2-3 months now, and a young personality again! He loves his acupuncture sessions which relax him. In addition, as Dr. Diane has gotten to know Toby, she has also given us advice on weight loss and holistic remedies for him. Toby is a happy boy now with a maintenance routine of hydrotherapy and acupuncture, and he has dropped to his original weight of 86 (when we adopted him in 2009) from a high of 102 in 2012! Toby's picture was taken in the car on the way to his recent therapy session!
Date of Posting: 04 December 2015
Posted By: Eileen Lewis
Frenchtown, NJ
My pet Palmer has been seeing Dr Gabriel for about a year now. The acupuncture and laser therapy are truly beneficial that she is receiving. There was a time when she couldn't lift herself up after laying for a time. Now she can walk and get up after these treatments. She is not taking ANY prescription arthritis medication anymore after it made her sick. Palmer is a different dog and people who meet her cannot believe the difference Dr Gabriel and her care (plus concern) have made. I highly recommend you contact Dr Gabriel if your pet is in need of alternative treatment.
Date of Posting: 03 December 2015
Posted By: Chris Foulsham

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