Toby, a lab getting acupuncture therapy.A Holistic and Integrative approach gives me exponential options for helping a pet. Whether it be preventative care, an aid to healing acute or long standing illnesses or improving quality of life, this approach is safe and offers innumerable choices and opportunities. I am as passionate about this method as I am with healing and helping animals.

What to expect...

For our first meeting, expect a 45-60 minute visit. During this time I will become acquainted with you and your companion, and will ask many questions. For instance, what is a typical day in the life of your pet? What is their daily exercise regimen, diet, nutrition, medications and supplements?  All other medical and/or surgical history is pertinent. I will then examine your pet based on a conventional and TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical) approach. This will help me establish a treatment plan.  At the end of the first session, your pet will typically receive an Acupuncture treatment, a holistic regimen that may include Western or Chinese herbs, nutraceutical and/or homotox remedy. In addition, I will send you home with an individualized instruction sheet and protocol for your pet....If we did Acupuncture, we typically meet again in one week for initial treatments. Otherwise, a follow up in two weeks is recommended so we can assess how our protocol is working. After our meetings, I will send a referral letter to your regular veterinarian to let him/her know about our visit and integrative plan.

You are an integral part of our success. As a team, we will watch for positive changes and tweak protocols as necessary. I will ask for your input at subsequent visits as to how you think your pet is doing, and may give you acupressure/massage exercises to administer on your pet in between appointments to help sustain and enhance acupuncture treatments."