Dr. Diane GabrielUpon starting a business, one of the initial steps is to create a purposeful and honest mission statement for your business plan. Mine was easy and based on my intimate experience and interaction with my clients and their pets.



"To provide the best quality care for your pet with a truly unique and customized approach. No two patients are the same, nor should their treatments be."

GunnerI pride myself on offering a multimodal approach to your pet's care. Whether it be preventative, maintenance or enhancing the quality of life of geriatric and/or sick individuals - I can help!

My process is different in that it is individualized, not a cookie cutter approach. Therapy sessions are effectively designed for your pets' specific needs. After meeting you and your pet - I will develop a protocol from my extensive repertoire.
Black-Pug-1Together we will come up with a plan to best suit your pet.

I have always had a special interest and place in my heart for geriatics and animals with long standing illnesses including cancer. This is what led me to pursue holistic and integrative therapies, giving me the ability to further extend my patients' options and effectively improve their quality of life.




My Education.....


Continuing Education:

  • Small Animal TCVM Classical Points & Advanced Acupuncture Techniques Fall 2018
  • Medicinal Cannabis sativa L: A Plant That Has Changed the World January 2018
  • Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Cushing's Disease December 2017
  • Chinese Medicine and Strategies for Managing Pancreatitis December 2017
  • Advanced Chinese Herbal Medicine Class October 2017
  • Philosophy of Western Herbal MedicineApril 2017
  • Comprehensive study of Chinese and Western Herbs via lectures & course work
    by acclaimed practitioners including but not limited to:
    Dr. Shen Xie, Dr. Steve Marsden, Dr. Mona Boudreaux, Dr. Barbara Fougere, Dr. Susan Wynn, Dr. Jean Dodds.
  • Current and up to date on latest research relating to: Nutrition, Vitamins, and Nutraceuticals



My pets.....

BrieBrie, my beloved fifteen year old Beagle mix. She is an adopted laboratory dog from the University of Pennsylvania, Parasitology Division.

Jack-Boce CollageThen there are Jack and Bocce, eight year old brothers from Kentucky. They are rescued dogs that make me smile and laugh every day.

And last, but not least, my boatload of kitties.....all rescues.....Frank is my oldest at sixteen years of age! Miss Philadelphia, from West Philly,Tippy Ollie Ollie, from North Philly, Monkey - the bully of the bunch, Dora - appropriately named because she just showed up at the DOOR-RA!, Tippy from the Home Depot parking lot, and Mongo a bottle baby from a farm. His mom was hit and killed by a car when he was just two days old.

dor A-Mongo-Frank-Miss P Dr Gabriel Cats